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  • From Kevin at 5/09/10 10:14 PM
    • I just wanted to know if it is compatible with the Toyota Kluger Grande 2009 Australian model. Also, if you have some pictures of how the interface looks on a touch screen of the Kluger or something similar.
    • Yes it is compatible with the Toyota Kluger. This vehicle is also known as a Highlander in the USA market however in Japan and Australia it's known as the Kluger. Please see the following link to double check this information for yourself We don't unfortunately have any pictures of the stereo display, however the GROM units integrate seamlessly into the factory display set up. You simply just need to switch to CD Changer/Stacker mode using the dial wheel. For your vehicle you will need either the U2i-TOY or i2-TOY interface box with a TOY data cable. Please see the following link for a comparison of the two interface boxes.
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  • From Mike at 26/09/10 3:24 PM
    • Which of these items do I need for an Aurion AT-X? How do I install it?
    • For a Toyota Aurion AT-X you will need the U2i-TOY or i2-TOY interface box with a TOY data cable. Please see our comparison page for the difference between the two boxes.

      To install into a Toyota Aurion, past customers have said that it was best to access the back of the radio by removing the panel underneath the steering wheel column. You should then be able to reach through with your hand and plug the cable in to the back of the radio. There is an install guide for a USA based Toyota Camry which will give you and idea. Please note the previous comment that it was easier to access the radio via the panel under the steering wheel.
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  • From Yves at 2/10/10 3:47 PM
    • Would the iPod adapter work with iPhone 4 on a 2010 Toyota Prius I-Tech with satellite navigation?
    • Yes, All Toyota Prius between 2005-2010 are supported with either the U2i-TOY (iPod, USB, Auxiliary Interface) or the i2-TOY (iPod & Auxiliary Interface). The iPhone 4 is also supported. We would recommend the U2i-TOY box as this is firmware upgradeable and will ensure that as new patches are released that you get the best audio experience possible.
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  • From Steve at 5/12/10 12:00 AM
    • HI, what is the suitable unit for 2003 Toyota Landcruiser GXL wagon and connections. It has an in built 6 stacker and I only wish to link the iPod at this stage. Some installation suggestions and approximate costs would also be helpful.
    • The Toyota 2003 Landcruiser will require these items:
      Interface Box: U2i-TOY or i2-TOY
      Data Cable: TOY
      Audio Cable: iPod Custom Cable

      To see the difference between the interface boxes please see this link:

      Installation is very simple once you have access to the back of the car radio. There are several video and instructions on the internet to access the back of your car stereo that would be useful. It will only require basic tools also. After you access the car stereo, it is simply a matter of plugging the device in.

      Our website has dynamic pricing. Just click on the components you wish to purchase and the price will automatically adjust. Prices for a kit to fit your box that plays iPod start from as low as $129.85.
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  • From Eric at 26/02/11 5:12 AM
    • I am not sure if the U2i-Toy or U3i-Toy will work on my 2003 Toyota RAV4. There are NO buttons on the face to select any external sources (like a CD changer or Aux). It can only select AM/FM/CD or Tape.
    • Yes we can confirm that we support your Toyota RAV4 2003. To get to the external CD changer / AUX you would simply press the CD button. Push it once and you should get to the normal CD player, push it again and it should go to the external CD changer, or in this case our car kits.

      The only thing to be aware of is that the years 2003-2004 for Toyota were transition years with their radios so some cars suit the TOY cable where as some cars suit the TOY-1 cable. The best thing to do would be to have a look at the back of your head unit, take a close up photo of the connections, and send back to us and we can confirm for you.
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  • From Nichol at 17/03/11 1:43 PM
    • Could you please confirm that this will fit on an Australian Toyota Yaris 2008 model (not the upgrade with the Bluetooth standard).
      Also, which port on the Head Unit will this need to be connected ? If it's the CD changer, does this mean that CD's will not be compatible anymore?
    • Yes all of our iPod USB Bluetooth Auxiliary car kits are compatible with the Toyota Yaris. For the 2008 model please purchase the TOY data cable, along with all other necessary components.

      It connects to the CD changer port at the back of your radio head unit. Any external CD changer connected to that port must be removed. However, all internal CD players / stacker's should work as per normal.
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  • From Howard at 25/03/11 8:38 AM
    • I have just bought the new Toyota Hilux SR5. I loaded various itunes music I had onto a standard USB which i then plug into the vehicles sound system. The USB has heaps of files & tracks however it appears that only the first 3 files can be accessed and played. I was wondering whether I have should be using a different type of USB stick which is more compatible with the car or whether I'm doing something else wrong. I'm not a techincal person so plain, simple to understand english would be appreciated in your response. Much appreciated
    • Thank you for your enquiry. Do you mean you bought the car audio adapter from us at Cushie Audio and have this plugged into your Toyota Hilux Stereo? We can only answer questions to do with our car kits, not any factory fitted car kits that have USB input. Perhaps the manual of your new vehicle may have more information on the workings of the radio. Please confirm if we haven't understood your question correctly.
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  • From Sax at 27/03/11 9:58 PM
    • The Kluger Grande has Nav and Bluetooth functionality - are tracks paused when the phone is in use via Bluetooth and can the Nav moving map appear while music is playing? Does the kit permit features like skipping tracks from the steering wheel or existing screen interface? I would also like to know if random/shuffle function is available and ID3 tags are visible for songs? i.e. track name, artist, album etc.
    • First of all, what year model Toyota Kluger do you have? We support the years 2001 - 2010. The iPod, USB & Bluetooth Car Kits emulate a CD changer and are designed to plug into the CD changer port at the back of your head unit. We don't have a test Kluger Grande radio with Navigation and Bluetooth, but we could assume that during normal CD playback operation, if the tracks are paused during a call and the Map appears, it would also during our Car Kit operation.

      We have a customer installing one of our kits to his Toyota Kluger Grande tomorrow and I can confirm with you if you like - he has Sat Nav also. What we can confirm is that with our specialised Bluetooth Dongle, it pauses all music playing when a call comes in. Another thing we can confirm is that all key car stereo functions like skipping tracks work both on the radio as well as the steering wheel.

      We have found some limitations with Random mode from the stereo control. It only affects a small percentage of the cars we support and does depend on the car radio / iPhone / iPod / USB configuration. We found that those customers with many playlists with many songs on their playlist sometimes had the limitation. Random mode works correctly from the iPod/iPhone and we recommend using that option if it does not seem to work from your stereo. Please see these FAQs for more information:

      As to the ID3 display, we have been told that only Navigation radios with the square display buttons will support additional text on Toyota/Lexus radios. Track number, disk number, and time will be displayed regardless.
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  • From Dan at 3/06/11 8:03 PM
    • I have a 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara fitted Sat Nav and CD. Could you tell me what unit is suitable for my car to play an iPhone 4. I would also like to know what the sound quality is like and am I able to Bluetooth music to my car stereo. Rather than use the iPod conection that you sell am I able to use my iPhone conection with the USB conection on the other end? I see you have a unit that supports USB and if so will the track info appear on in text on my head unit and will it still charge?
    • We can confirm we support your Toyota Landcruiser Sahara 2004 with Factory Sat Nav. To play iPhone 4 we recommend either the i3-TOY or the U3i-TOY. For the differences between the kits please see:

      Sound quality is excellent. It is CD quality sound and is far better than FM transmitter type devices. If you were to purchase the Bluetooth Dongle accessory then yes you will also be able to stream music from your iPhone to your car stereo. You must purchase the iPod Custom Cable as it is specially designed for our kits and enables iPhone / iPod charging. The standard Apple iPod cable will not fit with our car stereo adapters.

      Track information will only appear on Toyota Sat Nav radios with the square display buttons. If you have round display buttons then this is currently in development to support additional text.
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  • From Duce at 27/08/11 10:17 PM

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