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Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kits

Bluetooth Handsfree & Music Streaming

Bluetooth is no longer a want but a legal necessity for handsfree phone calling in a moving vehicle. Adding bluetooth to your car is one of the simplest mod's you'll ever do. Our bluetooth kits will let you take phone calls through your car speakers. The best thing about bluetooth is music streaming from your phone. All our kits are equipped with A2DP so you can listen and control all your music wirelessly. To cool for school.

Android Car Adaptor Kits

Android Smartphone Ready Car Kits

The power of Android is indisputable but add that power to your car and it's unstoppable. Adding an Android adapter to your vehicle transforms it into a media hub. Use your Android apps to stream podcasts, phone calls and music all the while controlling it from stereo or steering wheel controls. Android has come of age and is changing how you communicate with your car audio system. Your car has feelings too you know so let it join the Android revolution!

USB Adaptor Car Kits

USB Memory Key Car Kits

If you don't like the idea of being tied to a proprietary system then a USB connection is all you need. Using a standard USB memory key you can play virtually any music file format through your car speakers. Do you want to play MP3, WMA or FLAC? No problems, our USB car kits have got you covered. Download your favorite podcasts and music streams from anywhere in the world and keep yourself entertained on the longest of journeys. Where are you headed next?

iPhone 5 Lightning Cable Car Kits

iPhone 5 Lightning Ready Car Kits

You don't need to feel left out! iPhone 5 with lightning cable technology car kits are ready and available now. Get the full functionality from your iPhone 5 you would expect like handsfree phone calling. Look up phone book contacts and dial from your radio screen. Use Siri for full voice control. Control your crystal clear audio via stereo and steering wheel controls. You'll love it, it's the bees knees.